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i'm super excited about projects that are coming up! i just completed a workshop of a new musical at the Public Theatre, had the privilege of getting to know some delicious people, but unfortunately can't tell you anything about it... but this week and next i'll be shooting a small role in my first feature film! and i can't tell you anything about that as well. i also spent some time in a recording studio this week, but i can't tell you anything about that either.

but i CAN tell you about an incredible new play i'll be working on in june and july at New York Stage and Film called RADIO ISLAND, by liza birkenmeier. and after that i'll be working on another incredible new play off-broadway at MCC called COLLECTIVE RAGE..., by the magnificent jen silverman.

i feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work on some deep, dirty, feminist pieces over the next 4 months. stay tuned for more details when i'm allowed... xx

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